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About Maratonkarusellen

Welcome to Bergen – the City of Marathons …


… and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bergen is "heaven on earth" for runners. Not too hot in the summer and a mild climate during the winter. Even at wintertime, the tracks are often free from snow and ice.

For other races in our district – have a look at www.db.kondis.no, the race calendar site of the Norwegian Association for Endurance Sports Kondis. On this site you will also find a collection of articles from past races with many pictures from the course. You can find more photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/105391378690885646856

The races are organized by a group of passionate runners, the atmosphere is informal and friendly. 

The main race course follows a former railway track most of the way. The surface is asphalt, not too steep hills and beautiful surroundings. It is a half marathon course which is run twice for a full marathon. You find the course map here.This course is used for all races except for Bergen Skogsmaraton- Bergen Forest Marathon.

Please check dates with us before you make binding travel arrangements for races more than 3 months ahead- it may happen that we have to change a race date- although it has happened only once in 10 years.

Dates 2018

Maratonkarusellen nr. 73 - 6. løp 2018 Hans Jacobs minneløp10,000 - 42,195

Dates 2019

Maratonkarusellen nr. 74 - 1. løp 201910,000 - 42,195
Maratonkarusellen nr. 75 - 2. løp 201910,000 - 42,195
Maratonkarusellen nr. 76 - 3. løp 2019 Bergen Ultra 10,000 - 100,100
Maratonkarusellen nr. 77 - 4. løp 2019 Bergen Skogsmaraton08,439 - 42,195
Maratonkarusellen nr. 78 - 5. løp 2019 Bergen maraton10,000 - 42,195
Maratonkarusellen nr. 79 - 6. løp 2019 Hans Jacobs minneløp10,000 - 42,195

The race is starting and finishing at Fana Stadion, 12 km from the centre of Bergen and 6 km from Bergen Airport. Fana stadion is the location for
  • Race number and chip handout
  • Payment and registration
  • Valuable/luggage deposit
  • Showers
  • Café
  • Prize ceremony
  • Parking
Food and drink on the route
There is water, sports drink, bananas etc along the route as indicated on the map, approximately 4 km between each depot.


Start times and fees 2018

(Except Bergen Skogsmaraton/ Bergen Forest Marathon):

Start times and fees:
100 km starts at 09.00 am. NOK 350.-
1.5 marathon starts at 09.00 AM. NOK 350.-
1/1 marathon starts at 11.00 AM. NOK 350.-
½ marathon starts at 12.30. NOK 350.-

Bergen Skogsmaraton starts at 11.00.

Chip rental fee:
In addition, there is a chip rental fee of NOK 50. If you already have an Emit chip, you can use it, in that case we need your chip number (7 digits) before the race.

License fee:
Norwegian Athletics Association (Norges Friidrettsforbund) requires a license fee of NOK 40 pr runner/NOK 50 for distances longer than marathon.If you are a member of a Norwegian club, you may choose to pay an annual license.

Example: You are running half marathon, register in advance and want to rent a chip:
Total amount to be paid: NOK 300+50+40=390.

If you are a member of Kondis (Norwegian association of endurance sports), you get a reduced registration fee.

Age limits and -grouping
Half marathon runners have to be older than 16 years or turning 16 within the calendar year. The age limit for longer distances (including marathon) is 18 years.
Age groups: 16-17, 18-19, 20-22, 23-24, 35-39 and 5 year groups thereafter – men and women. The year of birth (not date of birth) determines the age group.

Waivers of responsibility
Please note that our races are strictly non commercial. We cannot help you with invitation letter or visa to Norway, nor pay for your travel, hotel etc.

Souvenir prizes (engraved drinking glasses) for all finishers, special prizes (cups and/or money) for the best runners and more prizes drawn among all runners.

In addition we offer a special cup for those who run five races during the year - see the picture on the front page "5 on Bergen ground". In addition to the above mentioned runs, also Fanaløpet can count as one run.

Advance registration within Tuesday before race day, 19.00 (7.00 PM), Norwegian time.

From January 2018, we are using eqtiming toregistrate time.

Please be aware of one field used for those who have their own chip: If you don't have your own EMIT chip, and need to rent one, you need to select "Jeg vil leie brikke" in the dropdown box labelled "Leiebrikke". Otherwise you hit some mandatory fields which are not relevant for you. Sorry for the missing translation of these fields, we are working on it.

You may also register on the race day, up until 20 minutes before start, against an additional fee of NOK 50.-. In that case, you need to pay the race fee cash at registration.

Mail address for Maratonkarusellen:
BFG Bergen
Box 99 , Rådal
N-5857 Bergen

Email for further information: lotte @ pilmedia.no


From the airport: You will find buses leaving outside the main entrance of the airport about every 15 minutes (www.flybussen.no).

From the city center: By taking one of the very frequent Bybanen trains (Bergen Light Railway), you get to Lagunen which is 5-10 minutes walk from the stadium. For updated information, use the search function on Skyss.no.

When you get to Lagunen station, go down the stairs, go straight ahead, cross the street, walk past Shell and McDonalds, and turn left in the roundabout (towards Fana/Krokeide). Cross the street and follow the sign to Fana Stadion.
We recommend leaving town two and a half hours before the start, to allow for registration, changing and warming up.
For other transport inquiries, please call 177 or the reception desk of your hotel.

There are many reasonable motels etc. not far away from the bus station, whereas the hotels near the race are all business hotels. The hotels nearest to the airport and race location are:

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport (walking distance from the airport).
Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg (2 km from Fana stadion)
Bergen Airport Scandic (3 km from Fana stadion)
Thon Hotel Bergen Airport (3 km from Fana stadion)

The Airport bus stops at the central bus station, and after that at the main hotels in Bergen. Ask the driver.


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